This is the second episode of me preparing a dish that I didn’t know before, from a country I haven’t been. Last week, the random country selector on assigned Bahrain to me. And I chose to try to make Khabees, a dessert made in Bahrain (and other countries, in a similar form) made with flour, water, saffron, and cardamom: It turned out ok.

This time the randomly chosen country is Bangladesh.

Paratha (Bangladesh)

How it’s supposed to look (source):



  • 3 cups of flour
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 egg
  • Water — start with ¾ of…

It’s 2021 and I look back at a year that didn’t give me many opportunities to travel and equally as few chances to explore new foods. So I’m setting myself up on a journey to try dishes from different countries.

What counts as a dish? I’m not committing to prepare a full meal, but rather a food item (e.g soup, drink, side-dish) that is associated with the randomly-selected country.

This week, the random country selector on assigned Bahrain to me.

Khabees (Bahrain)

The Kingdom of Bahrain, is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Many…

January 30th 2014 is the first day that I started to post one picture a day on Instagram. The rules were — and still are — simple:

  1. It has to be a picture I took that same day
  2. It can only be one picture per day
  3. It represents something I want to remember from that day

How did it start?

The beginning of me posting these pictures on Instagram came through a friend of mine. She found this page called 100 happy Days Challenge which motivated people to post one highlight of their day on social media for 100 consecutive days. We were five…

Five years ago my wife and I bought the first piece of furniture together, it’s finally fully assembled. The Ikea Brimnes Bookcase we got was just practical and would do its job in our small one-bed-room San Francisco apartment. As our kitchen didn’t offer enough storage, we decided to buy this on our first Ikea trip to Emeryville (California).

It wasn’t special, it wasn’t exclusive, and for the longest time it wasn’t even fully functional.

As most know, going to IKEA, choosing a piece of furniture, taking it home, and then assembling it is a stress test for every relationship…

Since I got my 3D printer I’ve been printing lots of things. Some for my daughter to play with and other things to make my printer better and more useful. During the first couple of weeks of owning a 3D printer I haven’t designed anything myself. I didn’t know what I could design. Until one day I realized that

A few weeks ago I bought a 3D printer, which now gives me the ability and motivation to work on some of these skills I have left dormant over so many years. The motivation lies mainly in coming up with fun…

Day 23: Olaf and the spider

When scrolling through Thingiverse with my daughter, we stumbled upon some figurines from the Frozen movies, and she wanted me to print Olaf, the snowman. Initially her wish was to have it in white, but when she noticed that the pink filament was on the printer, she changed her mind.

Even though it didn’t turn out well, she was very excited about it.

Olaf the snowman on Thingiverse

The spider I printed came out well and also got lots of play time that day.

(previous articles: week 1, week 2)

Day 15: Printing while I work (silent board)

As soon as the new board — this time it was the correct model — came, I installed it in my Ender 3. From what I noticed so far, the new version is pretty much the same as the stock-version with the difference of having a different chipset controlling the stepper-motors. This newer version of the chip makes the printer motors almost completely quiet. The fans are now the loudest part of the Ender 3.

Thanks to this upgrade, I’m able to run the printer while I’m working in the same room. So far…

(previous article: week 1 of 3D printing life)

The first week of 3D printing went pretty smoothly — with the exception of me ordering the wrong board. I expected more roadblocks and that it would be harder to get the first prints working out. After watching some YouTube videos made by people more experienced, I’m somehow prepared for things to be difficult at times.

Day 8: Downgrade to stock board — change filament

After the disappointment of getting the wrong board (in order to reduce the noise level while printing) I replaced it with the board that came with the printer. Aren’t I lucky that I didn’t burn it…

I never particularly enjoyed working from home, beyond a day here and there. The most regular work-from-home I had before now was when we lived in California. Once a week I avoided the long commute by working from home. Then came COVID-19. Like many other people, I’ve been working from home since the middle of March. And I continue to do so, even as many other offices reopen.

It’s now been almost three months since I’ve gone to the office as I usually do. Three months in which I’ve been working on a new routine — just like everyone else…

Mid of May I bought a 3D printer. I already wrote an article on medium about it: I bought a 3D printer.

This article is meant to be a start to a series of posts written in a diary-style describing how I’m using my 3D printer and the things I experience on the way.

This article is meant for everyone who’s worried that 3D printers are fun and useful for 5 days and then never to be touched again.

Day 1 — Hit the order button on Amazon

It all started on Day 1, when I decided to get a 3D printer. …

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